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Taking care of yourself and your health is of utmost importance in today’s fast paced world. Take time out to rejuvenate.


With many years committed to holistic training and living, the passion for healing and supporting your well-being is always a priority.


Relax in our tranquil haven in the Bryanston area, leaving the buzz of the city behind for a short while.

Ka Huna

This holistic natural therapy is designed to connect and heal the body, mind and spirit. It has the therapeutic benefit of reducing disorders like bowel syndrome, asthma and headaches. It also helps for the relief of stress, depression, grief and exhaustion.


Specialised kinesiology is an integrated healing system working on mental, emotional and physical issues. It uses the physical body as a feed back mechanism to point out the cause of ailment.
It helps for brain function, pain relief, insomnia, depression, relationship issues, hormonal disorders, structural problems, addiction, fear, phobias, sports performance, sabotage release and learning difficulties.





Ka Huna Massage


Salt Rock Products


At Ekuphumleni Healing, we care for you holistically. Our treatments are conducted in a peaceful space, and our salt rock products support your healing journey allowing you to bring more peace in your extended environment, from your home space to your work space.


Ekuphumleni is a place of rest, calm and tranquillity. The centre is located in a peaceful and warm setting. Sessions are offered in an environment that is caring, non- judgemental, safe, where the client finds the highest and best interest to rejuvenate body, mind and soul in a holistic way. The service includes Ka Huna massage from pre- teens to adults, as well as Kinesiology for teenagers in sport and adults. The ultimate result is to create awareness that your body has animate potential ability to self-heal.