A Few Words About Us

Ekuphumleni means a place of rest, calm and tranquillity.

The centre is located in a peaceful and warm setting. Sessions are offered in an environment that is caring, non- judgemental, safe, where the client finds the highest and best interest to rejuvenate body, mind and soul in a holistic way. The service includes Ka Huna massage from pre- teens to adults, as well as Kinesiology for teenagers in sport and adults. The ultimate result is to create awareness that your body has animate potential ability to self-heal.

Our qualified massage therapist, Vicky, has acquired the highest level of training in her speciality. She has a peaceful and attentive nature that offers a nurturing disposition, enabling her to assist the client in achieving a well- balanced connection between Mind, Body and Spirit.

Having started with a full course in Touch for Health, she is also currently focusing in Specialised Kinesiology. Her area of expertise is the general well-being of teenagers, and teenagers in sport. She has had the pleasure of instructing pre-teenagers up to adults in basic Figure skating for many years. She has enjoyed competitive figure skating herself as an adult and still skates for fitness. Coming from a Food Technology background, acquired through a diploma, our therapist has found a true balance for herself, when she decided a few years back to embrace the holistic living.